Redaction Expiration Date

Authorized redactions of security-based information now expire on December 31 of each year and cover all requests received during the authorized period.  Please check your dates. 

FDR Software Updates

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Judiciary Reporting Made Easy

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You have professionals to manage your investments. Shouldn't you also have financial disclosure experts to manage your reporting obligations under the Ethics in Government Act of 1978?    

Financial disclosure reporting is a complex legal specialty.  Getting it right requires knowledge of the Ethics in Government Act, the Judicial Reform Act, the STOCK Act, the Codes of Conduct, the Canons of Judicial Ethics, non-case related travel reports, privately-funded seminar reports, the annual Filing Instructions, the Alphabetical Reference, and the Policies and Procedures Guide to Electronic Filing.  

It further requires technical expertise with the Financial Disclosure Reporting software and the Financial Disclosure Online Reporting System, FiDO.  Within that framework, it encompasses the understanding and patience to review brokerage statements and other relevant information, track reportable assets and transactions, discern the appropriate income and value codes, enter and cross-reference all reportable data, validate that information against prior filings, and then generate and electronically file the report. 

Our goal is to simplify this process for our clients.  We review the documentation they provide, consult with them regarding "life events" that might need to be included, and prepare reports for their final filing approval.  As one client put it, she sends us the documents and we do the rest.

The Judicial Conference authorizes a limited reimbursement for professional assistance in preparing and filing financial disclosure reports.  We are pleased to work within Conference guidelines, so there is no net cost to the filer for us to prepare of a report of up to 15 pages in length.

What's New in the Filing Instructions?

Rule changes for powers of attorney affect reporting in Parts I and VII.

Further clarification regarding managed

asset accounts and the Codes of Conduct.

Reporting changes eliminating the use of aggregate reporting have been implemented.