Our Services

Basic Services:

  • We review and analyze documents and information provided by our clients for reportable information and events, as well as required coding.  We dissect brokerage and financial statements for reportable assets and transactions in Part VII, travel data for reportable reimbursements in Part IV, tax and wage statements for outside earned income reporting in Parts III (a) and (b), and the other bits of "life" information that require reporting as positions in Part I, agreements in Part II, gifts in Part V, and liabilities in Part VI.  Through consultation with our clients, we ensure that required information is provided, while keeping the rest private and secure.
  • Using the required FDR software, we enter all reportable data and generate a draft PDF copy of Form AO-10.  Copies of all work and notes are made available to clients for consultation and review.  We work with our clients, and with their designees, to insure the reports are accurate and complete.
  •  At the client's direction, we prepare the final report with the client's "s/" signature, then submit it via FiDO under the client's login and password.
  • In the event that additional information ever is requested, we will work with you to prepare and submit any supplemental data that might be required.  Otherwise, we will work with you to present your reporting position to the Committee for consideration.

Supplemental Services:

  • Monitor deadlines and assist with seeking extensions
  • Monitor all Committee communications to ensure that emails are not inadvertently overlooked
  • Review notifications regarding requests for public release of clients' reports
  • When requested, confer and assist regarding requests for redaction of required information prior to public release
  • Review copies of requested reports to confirm that approved redactions are accurately applied
  • Coordinate multiple reports required within a single reporting period, such as annual and nomination reports, or annual and final reports
  • Provide clients with unlimited consultation regarding all matters related to financial disclosure reporting requirements

Need Other Services?

  • Just ask!  We're striving to make Financial Disclosure Resources the most comprehensive and user-friendly reporting service available.



Services provided by FDR are legal in nature.  Client communications, including all personal and financial data provided to us by our clients, fall within the scope of privilege.  Accordingly, they are maintained securely and confidentially.

Our Fees


Our goal is to provide the personalized support and assistance our clients need for a flat fee that is consistent with the Conference approved reimbursement.  As a result, there is no net cost for using our services to prepare an initial, annual, or final judiciary financial disclosure report of up to 15 pages.  Additional fees may apply for longer reports or expedited services.

Please contact us for detailed information about our fee structure for judiciary and executive branch nomination financial disclosure reports and net worth statements.

Special Concerns

Annual Filers:

Once a report is submitted, most annual filers put financial disclosure out of their minds until the following year, when the data scramble begins again.  Our approach is different.  We ask our clients to forward financial statements and data to us as the information is received.  That lets us address questions and concerns as they arise and avoid the frantic chase for information as May 15 approaches.  It also lets us call potential reporting issues  to the client's attention while they're readily correctable... before they become reporting problems.  By following this model, our clients' reports are ready to be filed sooner, and with less stress.  Billing for recurring annual reporting services takes place in the filing year, in order to comport with reimbursement guidelines.

Final Filers

Final reports contain the same information and follow the same procedures as annual reports, with minor exceptions. Final reports are due within 30 days of separation. If a filer separates on December 31, the final report for the year of separation will be due by January 30 (although an annual report for the same period would not have been due until May 15 if the filer were still employed with the judiciary in a covered position). It is critical that personal email information be maintained within FiDO for a period of six years following separation.

Initial Filers

Initial reports are due within 30 days of entry on duty in a covered position and must cover the current and prior reporting years, plus one additional year for the filer's outside earned come. Although the reporting period is longer than for an annual report, initial filers are exempted from reporting investment transactions, which provides an opportunity to adjust and simplify holdings before submitting the first report. If a new judiciary filer previously filed in another branch of government, transferring one's status as an annual filer is another option. It is critical that initial filers work with an expert to help structure the first report, as it will establish the reporting format for subsequent annual reports.

Nomination Filers

Nomination reports are due within five days of the nomination date and require largely the same information as an initial report. This causes considerable confusion for individuals already in filing status with the judiciary or with another branch of government. Nominees should be cautious not to utilize the AO-10 reporting form as an asset list for vetting purposes, as that practice can lead to reporting difficulties in subsequent annual reports. Expert assistance is highly recommended for all nomination filers to avoid errors that can delay certification and closure of reports, resulting in hearing delays.